Do Tablighi Jamaat narrate weak hadith? [Fazail e Amaal]

This is a weak critism presented against Dawat & Tableegh.
Some of our ignorant brothers say because Faza’il Amaal has weak hadith we should “burn it!”. Astaghfirullah.

**Whenever the author of fazail e amal intended to write this book, he would perform two rakaats nafl namaz before starting, no wonder everyday whenever i read this kitaab in my taleem time at home along with my kids,u just cant help it but to cry cox u feel the stories of nabi s.a.w n sahabahs r.a are taking place in frnt of much of sakinah!

**The fazaail a’mal is an accepted book, after the qur’an its the most read book in the world

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